Air Fryer

PHP ₱1,599.00

4.5 Liter Capacity digital electric deep fryers Touch Screen oil-free steam air fryer

Product Description

Giving you the customer satisfied product Nations favorite departmental store
  • 1. Time adjustment button for free timing set different baking times according to different ingredients
  • 2. The empty basket is not stained and easy to clean.
  • 3. Spiral shaped heating tube 1350W high power rapid heating
  • 4.360° high-speed hot air circulation can replace hot oil to reduce oil intake
  • Safe and non-toxic good heat resistance
  • High quality non-stick pan liner
  • Can be used at home for parties or family gatherings even for a picnic make different delicious food for your friends or family
  • Air frying cooks food without oil for healthier eating.
  • Intuitive temperature dials are easy to use.
  • A Nonstick basket allows for easy cleaning.
  • Rapid air circulation crisps food evenly.
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